Right Resort, Perfect People Book Now

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Right Resort, Perfect People Book Now

Matterhorn Diamonds Ski School partners with Snowvation

Take the headache out of booking ski lessons

Matterhorn Diamonds announces a partnership with Snowvation; a booking platform that means booking online is even easier.

Our new platform will mean the guest has a much clearer online booking process than we’ve had in the past.” Rowena Phillips, Director at Matterhorn Diamonds said. “I believe the ski industry is just starting to embrace new technologies and above all there is so much scope for innovation.  Using an integrated platform like Snowvation, with the extensive functionality it offers will act as a launchpad for Matterhorn Diamonds. We’ll be able to expand and create, because we can leverage technology rather than being run by it.”

Who is Snowvation?

Snowvation the largest and fastest growing activity booking platform for the mountain industry.  It currently supports dozens of ski resorts and ski schools across Europe, the US, Asia and South America.  Due to their experience, they have a proven track record in offering a seamless e-commerce experience for clients.

Read more about our partnership here.

ski instructors enjoy snow with Snowvation